about BT

Ok. What is Project Backtwitter?


project Backtwitter is site you can post 'tweets' with a date and location. So each tweet you post is about the past. About the great (or less great) moments from your life. And maybe in the time you were not on twitter, facebook or hyves yet.
The tweets are shown in a simple timeline.

So the posts must be backed up with a date and a location.
You can upload a picture if you like.
Based on date and location connections are made between users.

Keep track of your personal memory? Start sharing important moments / events of your life?

You can register your account here.

BT is a family project by @eaderigt, @janwillem and @davo and friends and familty. BT is developed by Devenz Webdevelopment


If you like to get in touch with us or have any comments. Please  drop us a line at info [at] projectbt.nl


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